Welcome to the WCF and Java Interop series. These articles are based on our real world development experience of SCM Anywhere, a SCM tool with fully integrated version control, bug tracking and build automation. If you have any comments regarding WCF and Java interoperability, feel free to send me an email.

    1. WCF and Java Interop Series introduction

This series of articles is about how to use Java (WSIT, METRO) to communicate with applications developed with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)… (more…)

    1. WCF client and WCF service

To begin with, we are going to create a very simple WCF service and WCF client in C#/VB.NET first. After this article, we will have a working WCF application… (more…)

    1. Java client and WCF server

WCF’s fundamental communication mechanism is SOAP-based Web services. Because WCF implements Web services technologies defined by the WS-* specifications… (more…)

    1. Data types between Java and WCF

SCM Anywhere is a comprehensive tool and uses various C# data types, including lists. You may doubt whether Java can recognize these C# data types… (more…)

    1. Using different data types between Java and WCF

Many C# or Java data types can be described by using XML Schema so that we can use XML Schema to communicate between Java and WCF… (more…)

  1. Managing session between Java client and WCF server

  2. Custom Session

  3. WCF ASP.NET Compatibility

  4. Transfering data from Java client to WCF server through SOAP header

  5. SSL Transport between Java client and WCF server

  6. Asynchronous Polling

  7. Transfer large data such as File using MTOM

  8. GZip Message Encoding and Transfer

  9. Improving GetPort performance by placing WSDL locally